Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Should I buy this chair?

So we're having just about the craziest week ever, with work and a weird meeting first thing tomorrow, and her going away Thursday (and family coming next Tuesday). I've been working on the kitchen and doing a couple of little projects and I'll catch up properly soon. Meanwhile, should I buy this chair? It's $150 from Ross, and I'd recover it in a graphic (probably mostly black and white) print and put it in the far corner of our bedroom (where there's a black leather and wood chair now that's actually kind-of broken). I want it because I love the shape and I'd rather have a slipper type chair there. I'm wary because we already have several accent chairs with nowhere to go and I'm reluctant to get rid of any of them, and it's on the low side when our bed is on the high side. Also because y'know, it's $150 I don't need to spend. So what do you think?