Friday, March 7, 2008

The AT book came today.

So I read the first couple of sections and we went through the interview questions together. Our answers were basically the same, except that I found it much easier to think of artists, writers and designers that I liked, and I'm not especially fond of Futurama! I think together we have a really coherent aesthetic (judge for yourself!), although I find it easier to translate that to actual design choices than she does. I like being her stylist.

Here are our answers, this is way long and more for our record than anything else... If anyone can tell me how to do a cut in blogger I will.

List your favorite...
Actress: Scarlett Johansson, Rose McGowan
Actor: Joquin Phoenix
(We were kind of blah about this question, there's no one we really follow)
Artist: Glenn Barr (I am crazy about his stuff, it's really influenced my style), Chas Ray Krider, Helmut Newton, Joel Peter Witkin
Writer: Vladimir Nabokov, Theodore Dreiser, Judith Rossner, Bret Easton Ellis
Music: Twilight Singers/Afghan Whigs/Gutter Twins (anything Greg Dulli does), The Doors, anything recent produced by Timbaland (the shame!)
Restaurant: Georgia Brown in DC, we moved too recently to have real favorites in LA yet, although I think the Dresden Room is sort of awesome
Automobile (AKA Car): Jaguar XJ8, I like older Mercedes sedans too
Television show: Sarah Silverman, Futurama, Good Eats, What Not to Wear
Clothing: Kenneth Cole, DVF, Design History, Gucci

How would you describe your style (Three words)?
We skipped this, I hate any 'pick _ words' exercise, but I guess really it's masculine, tactile, sophisticated, and borderline sleazy (or um, Hollywood and Western).

Where have you lived?
Where you were born: Little Rock, AR (Her). Enfield in London, UK (Me).
Where you grew up: Duncanville and Desoto, TX (Her). Enfield in London, UK (Me).
As an adult: Norman, OK, (Her). Hackney and Stratford in London, UK, (Me). Alexandria, VA and Los Angeles, CA (Both of us).

Whom would you consider a role model (list three adjectives...)?
We skipped this too, neither of us have ever really had a 'role model', but we agreed that Greg Dulli is pretty hot.

What is the problem with your apartment (three words)?
1) Crowded
2) Confused
3) Too work centered

If your apartment could speak...?
'Halp! There's lots of stuff in me, and lots of it doesn't have a physical place, and some of it might not have a design place! You're not using my full potential because I'm hard work. I'm also scared that my look isn't quite coming together - I'm on edge trying to get something tricky just right. I feel under pressure in every way, and I just want everything to be easier!'

What would you like to do or do more of...?
We'd like to have more genuinely relaxing time together without stressful distractions.

Eight weeks from now how would you like friends to describe your home?
1) Cleverly put-together
2) Very 'us'
3) Sexy

I think we'd like people to feel that every area of the home is well thought out and well used - that the living room is easy and well appointed to sit down and talk in, that the entertainment system works flawlessly, that the guest room is cozy and considerately furnished. I'd like people to see the thought we've put into the home and I'd like individual pieces to stand out as unique. I was hurt when a friend said that our place was nicer than hers because we 'thought nothing of dropping $1,000 at Ikea'! There are actually very few major ikea pieces in our place now, and I certainly don't think it has that look at all (our old place, maybe!).


Julie said...

I have friends whose homes are mostly furnished with flea market finds, and their homes look awesome! But I've been in your friend's shoes, thinking other people's homes look so nice because they have money to blow at Crate & Barrel. ;D My place is a combo of Target, IKEA, and hand-me-downs. Uh ... there might be a K-Mart shelf in there, somewhere.

ARC said...

The lamp to the right of our bed - the one with the pull chain, is from K-Mart!