Tuesday, March 25, 2008

En suite bathroom help needed!

I just sent an email to Apartment Therapy LA asking for help with our en suite. We were lucky with our main bathroom, which is dark red and light grey-blue (one of my favorite color combinations, as you can see!), but the en suite isn't so hot. It's terracotta and pale yellow, with off white walls. On top of that, we have a recently replaced bright white pedestal sink and toilet, which are nice, but don't totally match.

I just got white and chrome accesories when we moved in, because I didn't know what to do (we also have all the old crappy towels we don't want anyone to see in there). I really think it's best to make things you can't change work, even if that means doing something a little different from your normal style. I've been thinking and thinking about the en suite, and I think the only thing that will work is to go subtly Moroccan, in a kind of retro way. That's not my usual style, but I think it could look really nice, especially as the bedroom is a little asian in a toned down, masculine way. I was thinking about backing the red velvet door curtain with a geometric print in a mustard or orange (probably a Dwell twin sheet off ebay!), and I saw some nice white accesories in Target's Global Bazaar which were sort of the right look. They're gone now though, and I have no real idea what I'm doing or where to even look for stuff! Usually I know where to find a particular thing, but because this is the kind of style I don't usually go for, and it's so specific, I'm lost.

So I really hope they post my question and pictures, and I hope AT readers can hope me! You can see more pictures, including my cat, on my Flickr.

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