Monday, March 17, 2008

Bedroom photos now on Flickr!

I'm really into The Cure, but I'm having trouble doing it in order. So far I'm going crazy when I feel like it, but not doing everything I'm supposed to. I did almost finish my repairs list and sit in a corner for ten minutes though. I think my weird curing is partly inability to make myself do anything I don't really want to do, partly that we've put a lot of time and energy into our space over the last few months and it's really patchy - some parts just need a clean and some art hung, some are so messy they're making me itchy.

Last week I washed all the windows and window screens (so dirty), and randomly attacked the huge hallway closet which we use for linens and some bathroom stuff, I took before pictures of the closet, but I haven't taken afters yet. I might buy some storage containers first. Once I do I'll post them all and talk a bit about what I did and why.

And yesterday I did the bedroom, which would be my project if I were really doing the One Room Cure. It isn't done - this was sort of a first step to get it clean and clutter free, but it makes me feel a lot better about it and I think we'll sleep better and feel less dread when we go in there.

It looks a little worse in the before pictures than it really did, because I'd already started and I'd gotten a trash bag out and piled some clothes on the bed. Here's what I did:
  • Put all the clothes away.
  • Vacuumed everything, including spider eggs from the window sill!
  • Threw out clothes tags, water bottles and other random trash.
  • Cleaned cat vomit from the floor under the bed!
  • Dusted and polished all the wood furniture except the bed (Method polish smells amazing).
  • Re-did the cord for the big lamp, which was running over the mirror.
  • Snipped the pulled threads the cats made from the rug.
  • Put rug pads under the rugs.
  • Wiped and dusted everything.
  • Generally cleared clutter.
  • Moved the bed over towards the window to make more space we'll actually use.
It's made a huge difference, the cats even seem to like it better! I already changed the bed linens and washed the windows and screen last week, and everything feels clean, and more 'ours'. I'd like to get some allergy covers, and maybe an air purifier.

Still to do:
  • Have the rugs deep cleaned (the big one is nasty, the little one is delicate and important to me).
  • Cover the screen (found by the trash) with wallpaper.
  • Hide the cords better.
  • Hang art (some of it needs to be framed).
  • Hem the curtains.
  • The chairs may swap around with chairs from other rooms.
  • The card cabinet and the dresser need to be refinished in some way, they're in bad condition.
I'm open to other advice and suggestions, although probably not to full on AT style criticism! See my Flickr pictures for some more notes.

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