Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dining room pictures on Flickr.

All too often, people ask me "Wtf do you mean 'Hollywood and Western'?". I just direct them to the pictures of our dining room that I just put up on Flickr!

Together with the living room next to it, it's just about the best example of my weird sort of style. However, although I like the room a lot, they're still before pictures really. That bar barely looks like a piece of furniture and isn't even glued together, and I don't really know how to place that fiddle leaf fig in the corner with the curtains. I'm going to do some tweaking. And do the IKEA chairs work?

So go look at the pictures, they have lots and lots of notes about our art and liquor, and I marked one of them up with all the places I'd gotten stuff from for fun.

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Sadie said...

all too often you make me lol!